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Aluminum Can Filling and Sealing Machine

Aluminum can flling machine is used for filling carbonated beverage in cans , such as beer, cola, energy drinks and soda water.

  • DYGZ
  • Lideli
  • 2018-2-26

全自动二合一易拉罐酒水灌装机 00.jpg


(1) Compact structured, good-looking, easy to operate and highly automated.

(2) Air conveyor is directly linked with feed-in starwheels, making it easier to change bottles without screws and conveyor chains.

(3) Accessories which contact with material are all made of stainless steel, no dead angles and easy to clean up.

(4) Replacement between CO2 and O2 ensure almost no O2 in bottle, long filling pipe reduce O2 content to null.

(5) Valve on-off system is driven by hydraulic cylinder, which starts on bottle signals.

(7) High-speed and highly accurate bottling valves ensure no loss of liquid at high speed.

(8) Bottom splint which fixed in the feed-out starwheel goes down in the manner of screw. Bottles can be changed without adjustment of height of conveyor chain.

(9) Capping heads are magnetic constant-torque equipped to ensure capping quality with no damage.

(10) Highly effective cap sorting and feed in system is protective for feed in and cap absence.

(11) Equipped with overload system to safeguard machine and operators.

(12) Touch screen operated.

(13) Main electronic components( touch screen, PLC and frequency inverter) are imported products.

(14) Components of pneumatic system are FESTO.

Model DYGZ 12-4 DYGZ 18-4 DYGZ 20-4 DYGZ 30-6
The number of capping head 4 4 4 6
The number of filling head 12 18 20 30
Production capacity(cans/min) 150 250 150 250
Can Diameter(mm) 52.5-99 52.5-99 52.5-99 52.5-99
Can Height(mm) 39-160 39-160 80-160 80-160
Power(kw) 5.5 5.5 5.5 7.5
Weight(kg) 3100 3800 4000 6000
Dimension(mm) 2700*1400*1900 3050*1750*1900 3400*1950*1900 3900*2400*1900

You can also customize the size you need.





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