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Automatic Robot Palletizer for Beverage Industry

Robot palletizer is use for packing bags, cartons even other kinds products on one by one pallet. No problem make program to realize different pallet type according to your requirements.The palletizer will pack pallet if you set. One palltizer is ok working along with one conveyor line, 2 conveyor line and 3conveyor lines.Its optional.Mainly use in automotive, logistics, home appliances, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and beverages industries,etc.

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  • 2018-3-05



imagesProduct Description


(1) High efficiency, max 3000times per hour 
(2) Multi-intellective function controller 
(3) Reliable, innovative, low power cost
The robot palletizer  can be used at any production line, providing intelligent, rogotic and network for production site. It is a palletizing logistic system which can be used in the industry of beer, beverage and foodstuff etc., widely usde for carton, plastic crate, bottle, bag, barrel, shrink wrapped product and cans etc.


 General Description

Empty cartons are conveyed continually to the robot packer by case conveyor and the carton goes in packing position according to packing requirement and positioned by case blocking arm. The case distribution and orientation device is ready, and then the robot packer hand grips bottles into the carton; the case blocking arm sets down and the case distribution and orientation device sets free. Then the full carton is sent out of the packer, at the same time, the empty carton is input. The robot packer does the repeating work as above mentioned.

Main Structure and Characters
Gripper Hand 

This machine adopts pneumatic hands and grips bottles by filling 0.07-0.15Mpa air into the hand. While discharging, the inner cover of hand recovers and releases bottles. The air in and out of hand is controlled by solenoid valve. It has low cost of maintenance.

Main Body of Robot

(1) By True Move technology, the machine can run exactly according to set contrail.
(2) By Quick Move technology, the machine gets best sport function.
(3) By Active Safety technology, it ensures the security for personnel and machine.
(4) By strict sealing design, the average failure time breaks 70000 hours
(5) By high-class protection, it can adapt to all atrocious environments.
(6) By combined sport of multi-daft, it achieves automation of high speed and savings of energy.
(7) By servo control, it achieves perfect transition of contrail sport and reduces the clash of sports.
(8) By servo control, it achieves positioning of multi-points and saves a lot of time for changing.
(9) By high-precision drive, it can reduce sports noise at most and protects safety of person.

Technical parameter


MD-03 MD-04
Power Supply 380V 50/60HZ 3.5KW 380V 50/60HZ 4.5KW
Applicable Pallet L1200*W1200mm L1200*W1200mm
Palletizing Speed 10-20bags/min       15-30bags/min
Palletizing Height Less than 2000mm Less than 2000mm
Machine Dimension 7300*4100*3300mm 9000*4100*3300mm
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