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Beverage Buffer Storage Tank

This tank is widely use for milk,fruit juice,tea beverage etc processing system.

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  • 2018-2-28


images (7)_副本Product Description

1. According to Structure: opening on the head & ramp bottom, opening on the head & conical sealed head on the bottom.
2. According to Heating Type: Steam Heating and Electric Heating.
3. According to Volume: there are 100L-1000L, also can design and facture in accordance with customers’ requirements.


Structure: the interior, jacket, insulation layer, the outer foreskin, speed reducer, agitator, thermometer and so on.

The interior: stainless steel SUS304, mirror-polished surface.

Jacket: the A3 or 1Cr18Ni9Ti steel plate, strengthen circle spiral device, the cold water from bottom to top (without pressure), to achieve the best heating and cooling purposes.

Insulation group: stainless steel plate cast into scales, insulation layer use polyurethane or mineral wool to keep the temperature, achieve insulation effect.

Speed reducer:cycloid planetary reducer, fixed in the tray of the beam, a shaft gear wheel connect with the impeller flexibly for easy removal and cleaning.

Thermometer: specification 100C-1000C, installed on the beam, straight out to minimum medium position, makes sure that can indicate temperature even when the liquid material to the lowest position, to achieve sterilization and aging purposes.

Technical Parameters 

1. The nominal capacity and size in the following chart is standard configuration. Any specific requirements, please point out.
2. The jacket working pressure≤ 0.09Mpa also can be made according to customers’ requirements.
3. The process parameters that need provided when choosing the cold and hot tank: the nature of material, working pressure, temperature, specific requirements, etc.

Volume 300L-3000L
Body diameter(mm) Φ800-Φ1600
Body height(mm) 600-1500
Motor power(kw) 0.55-3
Stirring speed(rpm) 36r/min
Working pressure ≤0.09Mpa
Working temperature <100°C
Accessories Thermometer,safety valve,pressure gauge
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