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Good Quality Plastic PET Bottle Fruit Juice Filling Machine

The whole machine will run automatically, and the juice filling temperature can be controlled. All the machine part which contact with liquid is high quality stainless steel 304. The relative fittings are from international famous brand.

  • RXGF
  • Lideli
  • 2018-2-26



   juice filling machineProduct Description

 1.This machine is comprised of rinsing, filling and capping system.

    (1) Rinsing: grip the bottle neck, rotate filling plate, inverse bottle; internal rinsing and external spraying make bottles be cleaned completely. 

    (2) Filling: hot filling with holding bottle neck; the special backflow type of the filling valve can avoid leakage after filling and also control liquid level accurately. 

    (3) Capping: magnetic torque bottle holding type can minimize the cap damage rate and make the capping performance the best.

 2.This machine owns the reasonable, stable and safe design. Under the condition that the bottle neck size is the same, only the output star wheel needs to be changed if bottles are different. It improves the efficiency a lot.

 3.We are the automatic 4 in 1 juice filling machine equipment manufacturer in China.

Technique Parameters

Model RYGF40-40-12 RYGF32-32-10 RYGF24-24-8 RYGF18-18-6
Capacity (b/h)
18000 15000 10000 6000
Water for flushing: T  3 2.5 2 1.5
Water pressure of flushing bottle 0.3MPa
Flask / filling / caps 40/40/12 32/32/10 24/24/8 18/18/6
Filling pump flow: T 12 10 7 5
Filling height  ±2MM(liquid level)
 rated voltage 380V
flush water pump 0.75KW
 bleed pressure 0.4 MPa
Suitable bottle shape diameter55-85mm,Bottle height150-280mm
Shape size 3500*2800*2300 3000*2300*2200 2600*1700*2200 2600*1700*2200
Total power 9 7.5 5.5 5.5
Total weight 18000 4500 3000 2500

You can also customize the size you need.

juice filling machineDetailed Images





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