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High Shear Mixer Tank Beverage Manufacturing Equipment

Used as blending tank,mixing tank,preparation tank,fermentation tank,disinfection tank ,reactor tank,premix tank etc.
Ideal in fields such as foods,dairy products,fruit juice beverages,pharmacy,chemical industry and biological engineering etc.

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High Shear Mixer Tank has many advantages such as being energy saving , corrosion-proof , strong productivity and easy to clean etc .

And it is mainly used for blending and homogenizing of dairy products , sugar , other elements and various medicines , as an indispensable equipment for dairy products, beverage and pharmacy manufacturers . It is made of SUS304 or 316 stainless steel , and it in accordance with GMP production standard .

It is a type of tank makes enzymes decompose in optimum conditions and converts certain substances into some other substances with better performances through action of enzymes . The jackecan be used for heating or cooling , attached with external heat preservation layer.

Working volume

Inner diameter

Outer diameter

Vessel height

Total volume
50L 400mm 500mm 600mm 69L
100L 500mm 600mm 650mm 130L
200L 600mm 700mm 1000mm 250L
300L 700mm 800mm 1250mm 370L
500L 900mm 1050mm 1150mm 650L
1000L 1100mm 1250mm 1480mm 1260L
1500L 1200mm 1350nmm 1700mm 1780L
2000L 1300mm 1500mm 1980mm 2200L
3000L 1500mm 1700mm 2150mm 3400L
4000L 1600mm 1750mm 2630mm 4000L
8000L 1900mm 2100mm 3200mm 8300L
The above dimension is only for reference, we can make up to 20000L , and we can make special dimension according to client specific requirement.

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