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Injection Moulding Machine

Injection moulding machine Adopting Europe technology,hydraulic unit adopts proportional pressure and flow control,the pressure and the speed can be adjusted,stable movement curve and gentle shock.

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  • 2018-2-28


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Clamping Unit 
5-point twin toggle clamping system by modular optimization software designing. Strong clamping with rapid and stable, to meet the strict clamping condition. 
Mould height adjustment by hydraulic driven gear system with rapid and stable. 
Automatic mould height adjustment as per the setting clamping force(optional). 

Injection Unit 
BaIanced double injection cylinder technology makes screw to have evenly distributed force during fast injection, 
Five?star Hydraulic motor with big torque, 
Ensure the excellent plastic molding condition. 
Research and develop different screws according to difierent iniection condition, suitable for the progressive demand and greatly improve the injection quality. 

Control Unit 
Imported computer special for Injection Molding Machine with multiple functions and precise control processing. 
World famous electrical components and high quality circuit hardware with stable and reliable running. 


1.There are three or four screws and barrels with optimal design, respectively,  hard plating, dualmetal, which is suitable for different processes of a variety of plastics. and the choice of product.
2.Two-guided guided bar supports, double-balanced rapid injection.
3.The hightorque hydraulic motors offer a stable plasticizing capacity, high precision electronic device position detection enable accurate measurement.
4.Multi injection speed and pressure and multilevel holding pressure settings, switch from the injection time, location, pressure control to ensure the quality of   molding.
5.Multi-level back-pressure of pre-plastic and pre-speed are computer-controlled, anti- drooling  and automated auto purge.

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