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Water Treatment Plants

This is the RO system for producing drinking water.

  • RM-RO


(1) This is the RO system for producing drinking water.
(2) The system apply advance PLC control system to achieve full automatic run for the process of pure water production, flushing and back washing.
(3)The main frame of the machine is made or high quality 304 stainless steel, and the electric elements is from famous international brand. 

(4)the key component RO membrane is American Hydecnme
 to ensure that the system is reliable and with high efficiency. 

 Production process flow introduction

No. Main Products Introduction
                       1. Pre-treatment Part
1.1 Sand filter Remove turbidity, SS matter, organic matter, colloid, etc.
1.2 Active carbon filter

Remove color, free chloride, organic matter,harmful matter, etc.

1.3 Water softener Soft wat  er and reduce it's hardness.
                           2. RO Part
2.1 High pressure pump Provide power for RO.
2.2 PP filter

Prevent large particles, iron, dust, SS matter,impurity into RO 


2.3 RO membrane

Removes: lead, cooper, barium, chromium, mercury,sodium, cadmium, 

fluoride, nitrite, nitrate, and selenium.

                       3. Electricity Control System
3.1 PLC +Touch screen control system Import from Japan and Taiwan,Siemens, Mitsubishi.
3.2 Electricity components Import from German. Schneider, Omron.
3.3 Pipe and fitting Adopt domestic famous brands.







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